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The evolving business landscape is demanding better and better customer service – faster response and lower costs. Forward looking companies are working to deliver 24/7/365 site support with personalized customer service and are seeking new ways to generate bottom line revenue. TeamSalesAgent meets their needs.


  • Increase Revenues

Increase conversion and reduce shopping cart and lead form abandonment. Introduce users to new products and services through up-sells & cross-sells.

  • Decrease Costs

Reduce customer service and support cost by handling first–level questions and requests by users. Encourage self-service while reducing emails, live chat and phone volume.

Enhanced Business Intelligence

All user interactions are collected and available in easy to follow reports. Companies can leverage this information to gain greater insight into user related demands, trends and opportunities.

Risk Free Business Model

100% Pay for performance. Cancel at any time.

Greater User Satisfaction

Users want faster, more convenient and more helpful information and solutions. Provide accurate and consistent answers 24/7/365 across PCs, tablets & smartphones.

Improve Native Marketing

Support more consistent brand presentations.