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What is TeamSalesAgent?



TeamSalesAgent brings life to your website, increasing conversion rates, reducing support costs and offering users a fast and easy way to find the information they need. You will be able to engage users at every stage of the funnel regardless of the device they use to reach your website.

The artificial-intelligence-powered virtual agents will provide crisp and consistent answers about your products and services. TSA can be used as a compliment to existing live chat on your site or even stand alone, completely replacing costly live chat systems.

To boost revenues, TSA can recover abandoned traffic, offer users incentives and cross-sell or up-sell additional products and/or services. TSA offers a risk free financial model and is 100% performance based. There are never any set-up charges or operating fees.

Set-up and operation is fast and simple, eliminating any technical challenges, with DelFin providing a fully hosted and managed solution.

An online management console provides real-time access to your customized campaigns, including full optimization and analytical tools. Reports created by processing user chats provide enhanced business intelligence with unparalleled insight into how users perceive your website.

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